13 Cheap Moving Tips: Save Money When Moving Houses

13 Cheap Moving Tips: Save Money When Moving Houses

Moving to a new home can be exciting… but that excitement quickly turns into anxiety when you start looking at the cost of everything involved with the move, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve put together a list of our top 13 tips, to help you save money, while making the move easier!

1: Donate!

You might look at your things and think you need to pack everything and take it with you, but that’s a recipe for disaster. Instead, go through all of your belongings, and only keep things that you need, or “spark joy” and put everything else in the donation pile. Donate before you leave, so you leave with your belongings, not your clutter.

2: DIY

Some people like to hire people to do everything for them, but that’s just a bunch of added costs! Instead, take on as much of the job yourself as you can, so you’re only hiring people for the necessary tasks!

3: Act fast

When you do hire movers, try to hire them as early as you can. Most movers like NYC moving Company will let you book their services months in advance, so you can hire them for the move as soon as you get a date!

4: Get cheap packing materials

It’s not necessary to pack your things in super fancy packaging. At the end of the day, you just need boxes, and a lot of the time, you can even find these boxes for free at your nearest hardware store! Otherwise you’ll have to pay a nominal price for them, which is still cheaper than buying suitcases to move the things!

5: Padding everywhere

There’s nothing worse than opening up a box, and realizing that all of your things have broken inside. To prevent that from happening, add lots of padding. This can be bubble wrap, or even newspapers or clothing!

6: Sell!

Just because you can’t take everything you own, doesn’t mean it all goes to waste! You can set up a garage sale, an estate sale or even list everything you’re not taking on craigslist and make a little extra cash, leaving you with more money overall!

7: Utilize the food!

13 money-saving tips for when you move homeWhitegates

Remember to empty out your fridge and pantry before moving day. Either cook and eat all the perishables, or donate them to a nearby shelter. The food won’t rot, nor will it make a mess!

8: Carry essentials

It’s easy to just end up packing everything and sending it in the moving truck, but that usually means that you have to buy necessities and spend unnecessary money on them. Keep all the essentials with you instead!

9: Use original boxes

A great way to make sure all of your devices get transported safely, is to pack them in their original boxes. The original padding is the best way to make sure nothing breaks on the way and you don’t have to spend on the repairs!

10. Go to the dollar store

Dollar stores have a lot of variety for moving essentials like cleaning supplies. Get them there so you can use them however you want and not worry about the damage!

11: Tackle subscriptions

Don’t rack up the extra bills for services you won’t use. Cancel the older subscriptions and apply for new ones in the other home!

12:  Get help from friends and family

Instead of hiring a company to help you move, have friends and family help you pack and move things instead! It’ll help get as much stuff done as possible, so you’re only spending on the necessities!

13: Do the final cleaning yourself

After you’ve moved, you will need to clean the home you’re leaving. Most people will hire a cleaning service to do this, but it’s free to do it yourself! Saving a lot of money overall!