A Valuable Guide for Beginners to Get Started with WordPress

A Valuable Guide for Beginners to Get Started with WordPress

Are you thinking about creating your website or blog? This thought can be terrifying when you are not related to the digital field. Know that technology is advancing at a face pace, and now it is not limited to only tech-savvy persons. Even if you are a newbie, getting started with WordPress is as easy as you think. Besides, there are many tutorials available on YouTube that you can watch for your convenience. But before you blindly step into the WordPress world, first, you need to understand all the small details regarding it.

What is WordPress?

In simple terms, WordPress is the management platform that allows you to build and then host your blogs and websites. WordPress can provide you a template that you can customize according to your needs. One of many reasons for its popularity is that it is cheap and user-friendly. Even the WordPress hosting price is low and affordable. WordPress also empowers online stores by providing them with a separate vast eCommerce platform. There are tons of plugins and themes available that you can use.

Now, without any more delay, below are the steps you can follow that will get you started with the WordPress platform.

Select a plan

The first step towards building your website or blog is to select an appropriate plan for yourself. There are four plans chalk out for you according to your requirement. The first plan is for personal use. The second plan is premium. The third plan is business, and the last one is for eCommerce. You can select whichever WordPress plan is suitable for you. As a beginner, the appropriate plan type should be the first one. These all plans differ in price, size, customization, and access to tools.

Domain name and hosting provider

You require a name and a place for your website to run on the internet. In the second step, you need to determine the name of your website and the hosting provider. Make sure the domain name is easy to remember for your visitors. Take consideration while choosing the hosting provider as it impacts the speed and performance of your website.

Install WordPress

After determining the type, domain name, and hosting provider for your website, you need to install WordPress. After installing WordPress, you need to connect it to your hosting provider. Approximately it will take 24 hours before your website will connect to your hosting provider.

Choose a theme

With the help of various themes and templates, you can change the appearance of your website. Choose a design that goes along with your website plan. WordPress automatically applies a default theme for your website, but you can change it according to your desire. You can use the designs available to make your website professional. There are various categories of themes that range from unpaid to paid.

Add pages and posts

In this next step, you will add the pages that your website will contain. It is the navigation that you want to include in your website. Other than pages, you can also add posts.

Install plugins

You can customize your website, pages, and themes per your requirement. WordPress has a list of plugins that you can use. You can add plugins you want to your website.

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