How You Can Practice High-Quality Telemedicine In Era Of Pandemic


The era when telemedicine got introduced to the world, it did not achieve much success that everyone had hoped. Telemedicine claimed to make the process of health-related services easier, for instance, monitoring the patients online, moreover, advice, and counselling between doctors and patients over the internet. It assured that attaining healthcare would be more comfortable and would not require wasting hours waiting in queues. Telemedicine seemed to become the future of medicine, but only a handful of countries unfortunately acclaimed it. But then the year 2020 started with a rise in the Covid-19 virus. This global pandemic forced healthcare institutions to implement telemedicine and provide their services from a safe distance while limiting exposure to the virus.

Getting a doctor’s prescription was not easy. For example, if you have ADHD and you wonder how to get an Adderall prescription, you need to directly visit the hospital’s website or contact the doctor’s account to obtain his recommendation. Telemedicine has finally stepped up and helped the healthcare organizations to render their services according to the given guidelines for Covid-19 virus. And in this era of a pandemic, here’s how you can practice high-quality telemedicine.

Team-based Care 

The outbreak of COVID-19 left all the doctors worried about their clinic timings and providing services and, at the same time, staying safe from this deadly virus. One of the best methods to keep checking up on all your patients and staying in contact with the doctor fellows is to make a group online and provide team-based care. You could share all the previous history of various patients, the symptoms they are showing, the clinical risk factors, and a follow-up treatment plan for every patient. In this manner, patients can receive the most exceptional advice that has been discussed with all of the doctors and report if their health is deteriorating or improving.

Home-based Video Contact 

Whenever you feel a slight change in your health or suffer from some disease and need to have medications or even counselling, your doctors are just a video call away. Telemedicine has made it a lot easier to see your doctor without any inconvenience. Home-based video interactions with the doctor would help you get your prescription, but your observational assessment could also be done, such as observing your general appearance. The doctor could ask you to check your temperature with a home thermometer. The doctor could easily perceive the calculation of your respiratory rate and other symptoms that you are showing.

Implement Remote monitoring 

Remote monitoring requires the use of remote devices to provide operational services to their patients over a proper xfinity internet connection. It is another way how you could achieve high-quality counselling form your doctor. Any patient that wants to stay safe at home but needs his vital signs to be monitored by the doctor can effectively video call his physician and receive a higher level of care. Through remote monitoring, doctors can quickly check their patients and provide them with the needed evaluation. It helps keep a record of the patient’s symptoms and health and observe them virtually if their condition is improving, or they need to get admitted to the hospital.

Records of Reports and Data 

Managing a vast number of records of patient’s reports and files in a regular clinic or hospital was never an easy task. Telemedicine has made this easy and useful as well. Doctors don’t need to panic about carrying or organizing all these records as various applications could this for you in this era of a pandemic. Whenever a patient approaches a physician and shares his test reports, they get saved for future purposes. The physician can check them anytime and analyze his patient’s health situation and counsel him virtually over a video call.

The camera is your tool 

In this pandemic, if you need to survive, you should possess a smartphone or laptop with a good camera, whether required for a telemedicine appointment or your business meeting. Your camera needs to be of good quality because of how you appear on the screen matters. A lot shows on your camera such as your appearance could be observed, or your symptoms could be checked like close examination of your eyes can diagnose jaundice, dehydration, or anemia. Your physician can diagnose various diseases just by looking at your face and appearance. Test your camera and audio and make sure you are using telemedicine technology right otherwise have your backup plans available.