I Try So Many Recipes Now Thanks To My Food Processor!

I Try So Many Recipes Now Thanks To My Food Processor!

I spend most of my free time in my kitchen, cooking meals for my family or testing out different recipes I found online. I love going through old cookbooks and trying out different ways to make beloved meals healthier and more modern. The more I did this, though, the more I realized how many upgrades I could make to my kitchen. I decided to keep upgrades small and just grab things that I knew I would use, like better containers and mixing bowls. Eventually, though, I decided to upgrade my food processor to a nice Cuisinart. This was the biggest change I could have made to my kitchen!

I’ve always been a huge fan of food processors, but I never used them to their full potential. There are so many different things and techniques you can do with them. From mincing to chopping to slicing, every cut I can think of is covered by a food processor. Even specialized applications like a french fry cutter and dough blades can easily be swapped in and out. To get the full experience, though, you need accessories.

Many of my friends are into baking and cooking, so I asked around my group for any tips. A few of them said they tried different accessories but weren’t having any luck, so they turned to other more time-consuming friends. Then, finally, one of my coworkers mentioned that she gets all her accessories from Kitchen Works. They’re an online platform that specializes in Cuisinart food processor replacement parts. Not only do they have parts made by Cuisinart, but they also have their accessories!

I couldn’t thank my coworker enough for telling me about them. There are so many different options on the site that I was having trouble picking just a few. Eventually, I decided to grab a shredding disc to help with cheese and a dough blade. I also grabbed a replacement blade because mine were getting dull. Things could not have gone better! The parts arrived quickly and were easy to put in.

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My husband has never been as happy with my cooking as he is now, but that’s because I’m making bread so much more often! The dough blades help with everything, and all my cutting is easier too. When we make pasta or lasagna, my husband’s favorite, I use the food processor now for freshly shredded cheese. It tastes so much better and isn’t a hassle to make anymore.

I still have a backlog of accessories that I want to buy and try out. If they’re anything like what I have so far, I’m sure I’ll find ways to use them. Even better, I told my friends about them and now they all use their food processor more! We’ve been sharing recipes and talking about how cool the accessories are for a few weeks now. One friend even got a replacement bowl that actually let her use hers again. We’re always sharing tips and figuring out the best recipe to use for our expanded Cuisinart food processors.