Review Of Smart Watch

Smart Watch

With the innovation of smart wear technology, the functions of smart watches have become richer. After purchasing HONOR MagicWatch 2, many users said it had a good use experience and functional experience. Let’s talk about this smart watch.

Let’s look at the box of HONOR MagicWatch 2 first. The top of the box has the world HONOR. The side of the box has the words MagicWatch 2. The internal pattern of the packaging box is clear. In addition to the smart watch, there are Type-C charging seats, data cables and a manual.

“Small and beautiful” is no longer popular. Mobile phones pursue large screens. The 46 mm version of HONOR MagicWatch 2 has this development trend.

It has a large AMOLED HD screen. Its 1.39 inches make the whole front look clear. It has an integrated 2.5 D curved glass with its edge transitioning to a metal dial.

Compared with round radian and rigid lines, the concise lines with radian are more popular. Its 2 keys are on the right, and the little red circle of the keys is bright.

Some smart bracelets or watches have poorly considered buckle designs. It is easy for people to loosen when wearing it. The HONOR MagicWatch 2 takes into account different sizes, and the wristband is made of comfortable materials.

It has a black plastic dial bottom with a raised center. It is equipped with a heart rate, pressure and oxygen detection module. It has 2 metal contacts, corresponding to its own magnetic contact charging base.

Here are advantages of large screen. First, it looks comfortable; Second, it moves smoothly. On the large screen, you can click or slide. Its web page transition is smooth.

This smart watch has a variety of “personalized dial” styles. This is better reflected on the 46 mm dial. You can lift your wrist to open the screen (which can be closed), and click the up and down keys to activate the screen. Click the up key to enter the menu again, and the down key will enter the sports page. You can redefine the function of the next key as needed. The degree of freedom of function arrangement is high. Users who like personalization can arrange their own smart watch functions at will!

Many users think that the best thing about the 46mm version of HONOR MagicWatch 2 is its intuitive and intelligent display. What does intuition mean? When you turn on the screen and slide to the right, you can see the clear movement state.

What is intelligence? In the internal menu, you can not only see clear various sports options, but also see 15 sports modes. This smart watch supports GPS + Beidou satellite positioning, allowing you to better understand your location.

Smart Watch

Users can learn detailed sports and body data. These data can be summarized through APP. Smart watches have built-in running courses. HONOR MagicWatch 2 has online classes, intelligent running escort and intimate voice prompts.

The price of HONOR MagicWatch 2 is 159.99 pounds. Such a high cost performance is unique in the field of smart watches. This makes users more eager to buy.