Sanitiser Dispenser

Sanitiser Dispenser

TouchAustralia is one of the leading companies of the market in the field of personal hygiene and sterilization. The disinfection products it produces are very suitable for use in personal and social areas.

The main reason why it has gained such a place in the market it is in is that its products are useful, high quality and highly effective. In this way, it always manages to be a few steps ahead of its rival companies.

Sanitiser dispenser is one of the products offered by the company to make our life easier and protect our health. Although this product has similarities with the similar automatic disinfectant dispenser, it has features that make it more useful.

First of all, it is portable thanks to its platform. This feature makes it possible to take it to the desired place at any time. It is possible to come across this product in cafes, offices, schools, child care homes, government institutions, restaurants, hospitals, indoor gyms and playgrounds, and even in some outdoor areas.

The sanitiser dispenser is a refillable product. When the liquid or foam hand sanitiser is finished, you can refill it and continue using it without needing to do anything else. The product is TouchAustralia Using one of the hand sanitiser products will increase the effect you will get.

Hand sanitiser dispenserInitial Australia

The sanitiser dispenser has a capacity of 1200 milliliters. This size, which is quite sufficient, ensures that you do not need to constantly refill. It provides long-term use.

The product is battery powered and has an average capacity of 30,000 pumps per battery life. Thanks to its waterproof feature, it offers a wide choice of places of use.

You can put most disinfectant in the product in the form of liquid, gel or foam. Although there is no limitation in this regard, it is suitable for use with all.

To order the product, it is enough to add the product to your cart after entering the TouchAustralia website and complete your shopping with secure payment methods. Your product will reach you shortly after your order.