The Methods Used by Pros to Download and Save Instagram Videos and GIF From Online

Instagram is without any doubt; one the most powerful social network to upload and share videos with peers. With Instagram, you can share short funny and interesting videos with your beloved and enjoy online. Also, Instagram allows users to share GIF images with your followers.

One limitation we have with Instagram is we cannot download the videos and GIF images shared by our friends. If we want, we must use some tools out there that can do so. In this purpose, Saveting is a web application that help users to download and save videos and GIF files from Instagram and other websites and social medias. Saveting provides handful tools to download high quality videos from Instagram, but also from many social media and videos hosting websites like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and so.

In this review and guide, we are going to show you how the video and media professionals (filmmakers, video editors, designers and animators) use Saveting to download Instagram videos for offline viewing or editing.

First, let’s present Saveting. Actually, what it is?

Many people use Saveting, hence it is very popular, but let’s define for people who never use it. Saveting is a web site that help videos amateurs and professionals to download and save online videos to teir computers or smartphones. Users can use Saveting to download Instagram videos as well as many other social networks like YouTube. With Saveting, you can download video for free, with unlimited usages. Saveting allows thousands of pros to download their preferred videos without needing to install third party Softwares like standalone downloaders, Firefox plugins, Chrome extension or even smartphone application (Android or IOS).

When using Saveting, you can have lots of advantages comparing to old or classical softwares. Here are the main benefits of using Saveting are:

  • The Saveting website supports many social medias and videos hosting with the single interface. You just need to put the URL of the target site, and you will be able to download the video if the website is supported.
  • Very easy to use, the only thing you need is the URL of your video , Saveting will do the rest
  • Unlike extensions and plugs or even mobile applications, Saveting is free for use
  • No installation, no validation, nothing, Saveting is aimed to be used online like any website
  • It is supported by any device, any OS and any browser

How the pros download Instagram videos online with Saveting?

To download any video like a professional, please follow the steps described below:

  • Choose your Instagram video you want to download and open it on your browser
  • Copy the URL of the Instagram video from the browser address bar
  • On, paste in the input form the URL of the video you just copied on previous step
  • Now Press Download, and wait the new page to open
  • In the download page, when multiple formats or resolutions are available, they will be listed on the download page. Right click on the download link of your preferred video and save it on your computer
  • Wait until the download is complete and Play your video with any video player

That is the process applied by Pros when they are looking to download video from Instagram using Saveting web application.


This short guide shows you how the video pros use Saveting to download videos from Instagram. Saveting is more powerful when you are looking to download YouTube videos, because it lists all available videos formats and resolutions, even videos without audios are listed for download.

If you are a video Pro or video amateur, try Saveting in your next Instagram download and you will be surprised how powerful it is.