Tips for Hiring a Family Law Attorney

Unfortunately there are times in our lives when we need the help of a family law attorney. Whether you are undergoing a divorce, need to split your assets, or are looking to adopt a child, family law attorneys need to be involved in your case. We have some tips for you to consider when you are looking for the perfect family law attorney to assist you and your family in your specific need.

One of the best Columbus Family Law Firm inspired us to write this post when we were visiting with the one day about how they set themselves apart as one of the best family lawyers. We gathered some great information from them and we want to share it with you.


Communication is more than just how quickly they return your calls and emails. You need to have an attorney who you communicate well with, and who you feel is listening to your needs. There is such a big difference between hiring an attorney who is good at responding and hiring an attorney who is good at listening. You only want your attorney to respond to you if they have listened to your needs and really understand what it is that you need.


An attorney can have all of the schooling under their wings from the biggest colleges and universities, but that doesn’t mean they have experience. When you are looking for a great attorney you need to look at the hard facts. Have they represented cases similar to yours and been successful? A good attorney will have many examples of cases that they have represented and made a difference for that are similar to yours. Look for success and not schooling.


How important do you feel when you walk into your attorney’s office? How driven are they to help you with your case? One of the biggest things to consider when deciding if you have hired a great attorney is whether or not you feel like they care about your case. If you have the feeling that your case may be on the back burner of your attorney’s mind, it probably isn’t the best partnership to be in.

Picking at attorney can be daunting but if you do a good job, you will be really thankful later. A bad attorney who does not truly care about your case if going to make your life feel hard. If you have an attorney who is all in and really cares about you that is what is really going to make a difference.