Use Of Garnet Or Abrasive Sand In Water Jet Cutting Machines

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Water jet cutting is used for cutting at low temperatures. Water jet cutting machines are used in cutting ceramic, metal pieces, stone etc with great precision.Water jet cutting machines use water coming with high pressure (jet – like streams of water) for cutting surfaces; as the name indicates. In this kinetic energy is changed into pressure energy for cutting materials. Not just water but abrasive materials like garnet are also used along with water jets for cutting things powerfully. Granular form of abrasive materials is used in such cases. Garnet abrasive sands for water jet cutting purposes can be procured from Abrasive Sand supplier in Rajasthan.

Let us take a look on the 5 major terms used in water jet cutting. We will also check the role of abrasive sand or garnet in water jet cutting simultaneously. The five main terms are:

  1. Reservoir
  2. Pump
  3. Intensifier
  4. Nozzle
  5. Work piece


Reservoir is used to store water on a permanent basis. Water plays a very important role in water jet cutting. Therefore water has to be stored in large amounts focusing them whenever needed. Reservoir is the place where water is stored in large amounts and from here the water is pumped to intensifiers using pumps.


Pump is used to pump water from the reservoir to the intensifier; as mentioned above.Water that is kept in the reservoir is thus pumped for initiating the water jet cutting process. Therefore the pump has to be efficient enough to ensure a good start of the entire water jetting process.


Intensifier is used for intensifying the water pressure. High pressure is needed for cutting materials and the jet like high pressured water is offered mainly by the work of intensifier.


The intensifier sends the water to a temporary storage area called as the accumulator. From there the water goes through the control valve and then the flow regulator. The flow regulated water is after that directed towards a nozzle which narrows down in size. It is thereby here the high pressure water jet coming from the flow regulator is targeted through a narrow area – for producing kinetic energy.

Work piece

The kinetic energy produced at the nozzle gets converted into pressure energy again when the water strikes the material that has to be cut (or the work piece). The water jet contains abrasive materials like garnet that increases the cutting efficiency. Therefore materials like stone, ceramic etc get cut precisely with minimum dust formation. Water jet cutting does not demand high temperatures for its proper functioning and are thereby chosen by many manufacturing industries for precise cutting.

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Water jet cutting involves the water stored in the reservoir pumped to an intensifier- via pumps – for increasing the pressure of the water. From here water is stored temporarily in accumulator and is then directed to control valve and flow regulator. From flow regulator the water moves to nozzle where pressure energy is converted to kinetic energy (via the narrowing structure of nozzle).From the nozzle the water hits the work piece or material on which the cutting action has to be done – here kinetic energy again gets converted to pressure energy. The precise cutting is done with the help of abrasive materials like garnet or abrasive sand present in the water jet. Not only abrasive sand but also abrasive bricks are available in the market. Gather abrasive bricks from Abrasive Bricks Manufacturers in India and have a great water jet cutting experience.