Webmoney Betting Sites – What Do You Need To Know

Webmoney is basically an electronic payment system that was established in the year 1998 in Moscow. It basically was designed for Russian clients but has turned out to be the most-used payment method worldwide. Webmoney makes it convenient for users to perform secure and safe financial transactions online.  Clients can perform P2P transactions; make payments online for various goods and services, and even secure loans. As of the year 2015, Webmoney has been licensed by the FCA which allows Webmoney to be used in all countries that fall under the European Economic category. Webmoney currently accepts 92 countries.

Although this payment system may not be as popular as others, Webmoney is considered secure, safe and a reliable means to transfer funds. The system claims to have more than 31 million users globally and sports bettors are quite happy to know that there are a large number of Webmoney Betting Sites out there.

Why And How To Use WebMoney For Online Betting Sites?

Using Webmoney for betting is easy and quick. To start with, you must have a Webmoney account on your name which can be easily done by registering through the website. All you have to do there is to follow on-screen instruction and you are done with account creation. After you have registered your account, you can browse through the ‘Banking’ section and choose the most convenient funding option you have. Most of the payment methods are instant however there are some that may take a couple of days to complete. Once complete, you will be receiving a 12-digit code that will be linked to your ‘purse’. Going through the verification process is a crucial standard procedure.

Once you have funds on your Webmoney account, you are all set to find a bookmaker on Webmoney betting sites. These bookies online can be found by browsing through a database of bookmakers online. There are numerous WebMoney-friendly bookmakers to choose from. Just open up a sportsbook account, and go through the process of making your deposits. Be certain to opt for ‘Webmoney’ option while you are prompted for a payment system and do not forget to cash in on any of the available sportsbook bonuses!

Webmoney is highly recommended mainly because it offers utmost convenience and is prompt. Moreover, it is a secure means to make payments and also safe for sportsbook withdrawals.