Youtube Rocks

What could be your number one reason for posting in a YouTube is it to be known? Why not who knows your video in you tube that you downloaded will be having a million of subscribers .What a wonderful feeling whatever your reason is you still have the objective of making best out of your work so these are the tips to get subscribers  on YouTube.


  1. Script out your plan video. Google some trending topics that you can make up for your video this are to attract more subscribers.
  2. You can have different locations for your target plan.
  3. Make everything appealing from the cover, the title, and the concept.
  4. The content should be reasonable to watch, It should be more informative
  5.  Out of curiosity you can gain subscribers ,then you must have the convincing trailer of your video
  6. You can make title that is easy to search.

To consider on having Subscribers in YouTube

At the end I can reach my top priority of having the most subscribe video. To expect result I must respect the views and the comments of my subscribers from them you can get a lot of reason to improve your work. So don’t be discourage if you received a bad comment but instead make it your ways of striving for more good output.

If you gain a subscriber now, take care of them. Don’t be lazy to make another one. Or else they might forget that you exist.  Expand always your means of communicating and getting the heart of the viewers. Pointing at their interest makes them subscribes more in your work.

Make a marketing strategy that design to target the wants of subscribers. You are there to satisfy their needs in viewing your work. Some of the viewers have a different needs like some are needing a  way of releasing their stress, I watch video to be relax, and free my mind even in a minute in worries.You had been an escapade for anyone’s pain and suffering. It is glad to know that aside from the aim of having a lot of subscribers that will like your page is that you give a reason for others to be happy for even a short time of just watching your video, how fulfilling is that in your part. That’s the number one goal to entertain and give hope